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Can a Bridge Replace a Missing Tooth?

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Dr. David Wanserski
Can a Bridge Replace a Missing Tooth?A bridge is designed to replace a missing tooth or teeth. When it is used to replace a missing tooth, the bridge is made with two abutments (crowns) that are used to hold a pontic (fake) tooth in place. By having a bridge placed, you can enjoy better dental health and prevent the other teeth from shifting.

How Is a Bridge Used to Replace a Missing Tooth?

A bridge normally is used to replace one or two teeth, and, in some cases, even three teeth. However, in most instances, a bridge is used to replace a missing tooth where the natural teeth on each side of the gap can be used as abutment teeth. A traditional bridge, which is cemented in the mouth, provides a fixed solution to closing the gap left by a missing tooth. When the bridge is installed, the natural teeth on each side of the restoration are trimmed down before the crowns or abutments are placed. This makes it easier to install the pontic (fake tooth) that will be used to replace the missing tooth. Usually, a bridge is used to replace a missing tooth rather than two or three teeth, as a bridge stays intact longer when the gap is smaller, or there are fewer missing teeth.

Are there Other Options?

Besides replacing a missing tooth with a bridge, you may also want to consider a temporary denture or partial denture to fill in the gap. Any of these options will prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting and ensure healthier teeth and gums. If you do nothing to fill the gap, bone loss can occur and you may have difficulties with alignment because of tooth shifting and crowding.

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